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Job 9:9

Job 9:9-10
9 He is the Maker of the Bear and Orion,
the Pleiades and the constellations of the south.
10 He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed,
miracles that cannot be counted.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2 Day Old Moon

Finally, a decent photograph, and the elevation was low too.  I got home from eating dinner when I saw a nice thin sliver of moon, so I hurried and set up the 127mm refractor.  I used the new camera, a Logitech 270 webcam. I also used a #58 green filter.  I had bought this one to compare with the one I had been using.  This camera has far less vignetting than the other camera I have been using, so I think this will be a much better lunar cam.  The mosaic is rather low resolution, used 4 frames, each frame consists of at least 200 avi frames stacked in registax 6.  This image was done in a hurried fashion, but it looks like I got some good frames, so at a later post, I'll go over the frames and take better care of what avi frames get stacked.

Anyway here is a photo of a 2 day, 4 hour moon:

Considering this being the first lunar image (i believe) with the homemade refractor, I thought it came out pretty decent.  Again, I'll post a revised image later, when I have more time to spend on image processing.


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