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Job 9:9

Job 9:9-10
9 He is the Maker of the Bear and Orion,
the Pleiades and the constellations of the south.
10 He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed,
miracles that cannot be counted.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Crater Janssen

I was looking back on the images I had taken last week, as we are having another spell of cloudy skies lately, and was able to do a little experimenting with Registax 6, working on a couple of individual craters.  I processed 2 different areas tonight, the first was in the area near Crater Janssen.  Basically, I let Registax resize when I stacked, then saved the finished image and cropped it to create the illusion of a higher resolution than it seemed.  I then resized the image back down 50% in the resize window and saved that as a comparison.
Here are the 2 images, the first is the normal 640X480 image:

Next is the 2X resize and cropped area around Crater Janssen.

This was an experiment, taken with some pretty good raw footage taken on 6/6/11.  This feature might come in handy to zoom in on specific areas of the moon.


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